Dr. Odin Nebulizer For Kids

Dr. Odin Nebulizer

Dr. Odin for kids nebulizer is a very powerful and reliable piston type compressor nebulizer. It is specially designed for professional & intensive use. Dr. Odin piston machine comes with steady working airflow and a portable nebulizer with low noise.

This is no doubt a perfect nebulizer for kids and adults as the Quality of the material used is very good. It is very easy to use and doesn’t make a loud noise. Further, it comes with all the necessary accessories like an Adult mask, mouthpiece, child mask, and many others so this is an all-in-one package and your search for the perfect nebulizer will surely end after you buy this. The price is reasonable and considering its benefits and quality it is a Value for money deal. The packaging was perfect and delivery by amazon was as usual timely. Dr. Odin Nebulizer for kids is the best nebulizer machine for kids.

Dr. Odin Nebulizer effective for

Dr.Odin nebulizer

This nebulizer has a Powerful compressor and a matched nebulizer kit. This nebulizer kit ensures that medication is atomized into fine particles faster and medicine reaching in respiratory tracts more effectively and results in better medication compliance. Dr. Odin nebulizer is an effective Nebulizer for Asthma, cough, wheezing, Bronchitis, Copd, And Other Conditions Requiring Nebulization. This nebulizer is compatible with Doctor Prescribed Medicine or also can be used only with saline water and both adults and children can use this.  Dr. Odin inhaler keeps safe and can be clean easily. 

Dr.Odin nebulizer

Easy to use

It is very easy to use Dr. Odin Nebulizer for kids and adults. It contains an Anti-shock case with a handle for easy carrying. This nebulizer has a wide range of accessories. The light and compactness of this nebulizer make its use comfortable. It comes in a lightweight that is very easy to carry.

Dr.Odin nebulizer accessories

Technicle specification

It has strong working airflow and it is designed as a portable handheld. It provides a 2-year warranty. This nebulizer rate is 0.2 milliliter per minute. This nebulizer also contains the Compressor, 5 Pieces replacement filters, Air tubesMouth Mouthpiece, Adult mask, Child mask, Medication cup & instruction manual.

Dr.Odin nebulizer

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