Nowadays everyone is busy with their life schedule and it is a cause of stress, depression, and anxiety.  There are many reasons for stress and physical health that are the cause of many diseases like diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, cancer. Through Yoga or yogasana you can be healthy and fit. Try these yogasana in your daily life.There are different types of yogasana which can enhance your growth.

 Types of Yogasana


Padmasana is a base position of  Asana. It stretches our knee and ankles. And keeps the brain calm. Padmasana keeps your spine straight. Padmasana is one of the easiest yoga asanas. This is the first position of types of yogasana.

healthfulrays padmasana

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2.Tadasana (Mountain pose)

  In the name of a tad tree, It is called tadasana. The tree of tad is straight and therefore the tadasana also stands straight. Tadasana makes your body posture very well. It increases power in the legs and knees. The regular practice of Tadasana can improve Height.

healthfulrays tadasana
healthfulrays tadasana


Vrikshasana helps to increase focus and concentration. It makes balance and stability in the legs. This pose is called vrikshasana which is types of yogasana.

healthfulrays vrikshasana
healthfulrays vrikshasana image


Sarvangasana is the simple balancing type of Yoga. It maintains blood flow and keeps your heart healthy. Sarvangasana controls the blood sugar level also.

types of yogasana

healtfulrays sarvagasana
sarvagasana image


Shirshasana supplies blood at each part of the body. It supplies blood to the brain cell. And the balance of Shirshasana makes you concentrate. This pose is called Shirshana it is a types of yogasana.

healthfulrays sirsasana
healthfulrays sirsasana


This is an advanced form of yoga. It prevents diabetes and high blood pressure.

healthfulrays gomukhasana
healthfulrays gomukhasana image

7.Butterfly pose

In this pose sit as a Butterfly. Butterfly poses relief from long sitting, long-standing, and walking. This pose is also beneficial for those women who are pregnant. She can practice continuously this for smooth delivery. 

healthfulrays butterfly-pose-image

8. Chakrasana

 Chakrasana is the advanced level of asana. It is useful to stretch all the back muscles of the body. Chakrasana makes you feel energetic and gives you energy for work.

healthfulrays chakrasana-pose-image
healthfulrays chakrasana-pose-image


By practicing Paschimottanasana kidneys, liver, uterus, and ovaries are activated. It keeps you away from depression and stress. This asana makes your body more flexible.

healthfulrays paschimottanasana
healthfulrays paschimottanasana image


This asana is very beneficial for the heart and lungs. It is useful for weight loss. It increases the functions of the liver, kidney, pancreas, and gallbladder.

healthfulrays bhujangasana
healthfulrays bhujangasana image


Matsyasana improves the respiratory system. It makes body muscles strong.

healthfulrays matsyasana
healthfulrays matsyasana image

12.Adho Mukha Sarvangasana

This asana stretches arms, legs, and thigh. Adho Mukha Sarvangasana lengthens and straightens the spine.

adho-mukha-sarvangasana image


Dhanurasana Burns the fat of the body. It stretches the abdomen and abdominal sides. You can better shape your body by practicing Dhanurasana daily. 

healthfulrays dhanurasana


Halasana is very helpful for making the spinal cord strong. It strengthens back muscles and makes the body flexible. Halasana reduces stress and relieves back pain.

healthfulrays halasana


This asana is helpful for the digestive system. It strengthens the abdominal organ. You can get a flat stomach by practicing this.

healthfulrays pawanmuktasana image


Vajraasana helps to digest food. It increases the blood flow of your stomach. It pose prevents fat from depositing in the body, especially the abdomen area.

healthfulrays vajrasana


savasana is a very simple and relaxed state of yogasana. It reduces stress from the body. This is one of the best yoga asanas in which you feel free from anxiety.

healthfulrays shavasana


Natarajasana is a pose of the lord of the dance. This asana increases metabolism and helps indigestion. It improves concentration, focus, and balance of the body. It stretches the leg’s muscles, reduces weight, and makes a perfect body shape of the body.

healthfulrays natrajasana


This asana is used for stretching the muscles of hips, ankles, and thigh. Balasana reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

healthfulrays balasana


This is an advanced pose of Yogasana. Practicing daily Bakasana you balance your body on your wrist and get flexibility in the body. It is very useful for toning your arms and also for losing fat from your abdomen.

healthfulrays bakasana


This pose is like a camel that’s why it is called Ustrasana. This asana is very useful for back problems, blood circulation, respiratory system, and nervous system.

healthfulrays ustarasana


When you sit in the sukhasana you feel stress-free. It is the simplest form of yoga. Sukhasana makes you peaceful and improves calmness in mind.

healthfulrays sukhasana

23. Uttanpadasana

This asana improves the functions of the reproductive system and digestive system. Uttanpadasana strengthens back, hips, and thigh muscles.

healthfulrays uttanpadasana

24. Uttanasana

Uttanasana Stimulates the liver and kidneys. It relieves insomnia, asthma, and infertility. It improves digestion and relief from stress and depression.

healthfulrays uttanasana

25. Navasana

Navasana stimulates the kidneys, thyroid, and prostate glands. This pose also strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors, and spine.

healthfulrays navasana

26. Makarasana (crocodile pose)

This asana is beneficial for Asthama. It relaxes the body muscles. It massages to Abdominal muscles.

healthfulrays makrasana

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