Best Weighing Machine In India

Are you trying to lose weight? so first, you need the best body scale that can track your body weight at the time. There are many exercises you can do like pranayama, Yoga, sports, swimming, aerobics, etc are the way to help to weight loss. You should check the best weighing machine in India for your health and get the perfect picture of the body. For a healthy lifestyle, it needs to measure body weight first because bodyweight is the thing that gives a perfect picture of your body. You should check the weighing scale is accurate, reliable, durable, and should be inclusive of all the latest features. There is a various brand in the market so it is very difficult to choose the perfect Weighing machine. That’s why we have suggested the best 5 Weighing machine that is trending in the market.

weighing machine

1.HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense weighing machine.

Healthsense is a brand that provides many health and personal care devices. It provides weighing machines, nebulizer, BP monitor so on. It has taken a top stand in the market. In this weighing machine used sophisticated technology and have user-friendly features. This digital health sense weighing machine is an affordable solution weighing machine to keep up with weight loss goals.

Healthsense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale comes with a wavy design with wide foot space and large LCD built of sturdy lightweight ABS material.
Must place a weighing machine on a hard place and flat surface. Begin by pressing one foot on the scale to see random numbers on a screen. Remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0).
Early morning empty stomach is best for accurate results. Always ignore first reading & initialize each time when the scale is moved.

HealthSense weighing machine

HealthSense is a registered Indian Brand aiming to bring quality innovative products. This product is idealized & conceptualized for Indians & manufactured by exclusive overseas partners.
HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale provides a 1-year offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects that ensures on-time customer support.
Healthsense provides a large 3.5- inch display that is illuminated a cool black backlit with the white digit for easy viewing.

This is the 1st product from HealthSense in our list of Best Weighing Machine In India.

2. HNESS Electronic Weighing Machine

HNESS weighing machine

This HNESS Electronic Weighing Machine comes with a number of high-end features and provides accurate readings. Its weighing capacity range is 180 kg. You can measure accurate weight to weighing scale on a flat surface and wait for 5 sec then place your feet in the center of the weighing scale. Its LCD display comes with the light. Battery & Temp indicator shown on the screen. This HNESS Electronic Weighing scale has a tempered screen platform with a digital square design. This HNESS comes in black color with toughened Glass.

This is the 2nd product from HNESS in our list of Best Weighing Machine In India.

3.Hesley Weighing Machine for home

Hesley Weighing Machine

This HESLEY weighing machine comes with a number of high-end features and provides accurate readings.
This is very easy to use. It gives immediate reading as soon as on. It has auto-off, auto-zero, auto-calibration. Low battery and overload indicators.
Its rounded corner design helps the scale to be scratch- and shatter and resistance. Its 6mm- thick tempered glass provides exceptional sturdiness.
Hesley weighing Machine has a large LED display which makes it easier to read even in dark areas. It provides a modern- style and sleek surface dependable and easy to clean.
Its 4 highly precise sensors provide accurate readings.
Two 1.5V AAA batteries come along with the scale. It has Auto-off function also which helps to extend battery life of weiging scale.

Hesley Weighing Machine

This is the 3rd product from Hesley in our list of Best Weighing Machine In India.

4.Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Healthgenie Weight Machine

If you are looking for a weighing scale so Healthgenie digital weighing machine is the stop for you. This scale is ideal for body weight.
Healthgenie provides a personal weighing scale that is easy to digital bathroom weighing scale. This scale designed with high-quality ABS material makes it unique among all with the simple design it looks attractive and tough.
Healthgenie digital weighing machine comes with a unique feature USB charging so there is no need to use an external battery. It will charge to connect USB cable with adaptor or laptop to charge the scale.

This weighing machine comes with 4 precise G sensor. It provides correct data every time you step on calibration.
this weighing matching provides the step-on technology. this technology shows reading immediately so there is no need to turn on or of the weighing machine.
this health genie weighing machine comes with an auto-calibration feature for initial use.
12 months Healthgenie India warranty on manufacturing defects The maximum weighing capacity of 150 kg. The Graduation is 100g

This is the 4th product from Healthgenie in our list of Best Weighing Machine In India.

5.HealthSense PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale

HealthSense Weight Machine

Healthsense PS 117 Digital scale designed beautifully with a square dotted pattern on the black base. This is a registered Indian brand which is aiming to bring quality innovative products.
Health Sense comes with glass top personal scale PS-117 which is your ideal partner in regular tracking of weight. It gives the most accurate reading which helps you to know the smallest of losses and gains in your weight.
Healthline weight range is 3kg-180kg. There are 3 measuring units step-on technology, error, and low battery indicators that are available in this weighing machine. It has an auto switch off technology.

HealthSense Weight Machine

This scale has a Vinyl, grey blocked platform with curved edges for added safety. Its skid-proof feet provide stability and rollover protection. It has also a large self-lit LCD with a room temperature display. It comes with weighted only 980g, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

You should place the scale on a hard and flat surface. Initialize by pressing one foot on the scale to see random numbers on the screen. Remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0).
You can check accurate results in the early morning empty stomach. You should ignore the first reading always for calibration and initialize each time scale moved.
Healthsense PS 117 gives a 1-year offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects that ensures on-time customer support.

This is the 5th product from HealthSense in our list of Best Weighing Machine In India.

Buying guide

1. Weight Capacity

You should choose the machine based on your weight capacity requirement. If you want to purchase a weighing scale that shows more than 250 Kg, then choose a heavy-duty unit.


This is the important feature of a weighing machine. Its digital scales provide accurate results. For checking the accuracy of a weighing machine you can weigh anything .when you remove them the scale should go back to zero. smaller increments of machines provide accuracy. Smaller increments of machines provide accuracy. An ideal scale provides increments of at least 0.1 Kgs.


If you are purchasing a weighing scale so make sure to check the build quality to ensure it will be last a long time. Do not buy the plastic scale Because it maybe breaks. Try to prefer glass or tempered glass, metal, or wooden weighing machines. These all types of scales are durable, crack-resistant, and shatter-proof which provides accurate readings. Glass weighing is moisture resistant it can use in the bathroom.

4. Types of weighing machine.
There are three types available of weighing machines in the market.
1. Analog
2. Digital
3. Bluetooth connected weighing machine

Analog– This is the type of traditional weighing machine and it has also the mechanical string setup. Analog weighing scales don’t contain batteries system.

Digital– Digital weighing machine uses sensors. A digital weighing scale allows Bluetooth connectivity. Digital weighing machines require a battery to use it and also have a large screen for readings.
Bluetooth connected weighing machine– This is the latest version of the weighing machine. You can connect your smartphone through this technology. It guides you and tracks and stores data on your mobile.


Usually, the personal weighing scale is based on a rectangle and round. There are no impacts over the readings or accuracy in the Shape of the scale.

6. Units
Weighing machines comes in different measurements like in India most people prefer kilograms weight reading but some people want to show in pounds. So here you can confirm measurements before buying a weighing machine.

7. Batteries
There are lithium batteries uses in some bathroom scales. These Batteries have long life plans but it is difficult to replace if they run out. There are also shorter life batteries like some scales use AA or AAA batteries. It is an important factor in buying a weighing machine.

some bathroom weighing machines provide turned on/off button to tap or click on it but some weighing machine has automatically turned on/off button on it. So when you will buy this then confirm its functions of the weighing machine.

9.Backlit Display
you are purchasing bathroom machines, we recommend checking for a backlit display. It reads the measurements clearly in dim and dark lighting both conditions

10. Cost

The functions and size of the weighing machine depend on the cost of scale. Some weighing machines usually have high-quality built construction, durability, and much longer but it can be expensive. The low-cost weighing machine has less life span. Ensure that do not buy a low-quality low-quality scale at a higher price. First check the functions, specifications, and reviews carefully.

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