Do you get tired by traveling, office work , feel stress from hectic work, suffering from body pain, mental stress , physical stress, anxiety and depression and alleviating insomnia and sleep disorders then massage chair is for you to get rid from all these problems.we have listed the best massage chairs in India for you.

Massage chairs give relaxation to the body and decrease the stress  of the body. It comes in many different shapes, sizes and many prices. Many massage chairs can be different in their efficiency, features and functions.

Check the Best Massage Chairs in India

  1. JSB MZ16 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Best Overall)
  2. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Runner Up)
  3. Bodyfriend Phantom Massage Chair
  4. Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner
  5. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief

1.JSB MZ16 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Best Overall)

This zero gravity massage chair that fulfills the requirement of all-around needs a tired body. This chair is useful for office and home use both.

It makes you feel like a spa and gives better relaxation to your body. It works in our healing procedure and improves the healing of the body.

This  is the 3 d rollers based chair which gives  relaxation to your muscles and gives the soothing feel. These rollers decrease the  strain accumulated due to physical or mental work out.

There are  foot rollers present for the foot massage. Foot massages make us relax-able and help in healthy sleep. you can manage it yourself according to you.

In this massage chair there are many measurements of massage intensity.


  • This massage chair has Quality performance and user-friendly features.
  • It gives you a relaxing ,Luxurious and soothing experience.
  • Its heat massage makes you feel comfortable during massage.
  • Auto massage functions 
  • Instruction is very easy to understand.


  • It Do not provide brochure with massage chair.

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2. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Runner Up)

This is one of the best Knowing massage  chairs counted in this list of best massage chairs in India. 

It can  provide a healthy lifestyle and relaxation at the same time. We can use it while sitting or and might be working too.

 This Robotouch Maxima Luxury full body massage chair, comes with the 28 airbags, 1 air pump and 8 permanent magnets that provides the relaxive massage to your body.

This zero gravity massage chair is auto 2d shoulder detection and it provides you the perfect shoulder position for intensified massage.

It has many customized modes for your convenience kneading,flapping,including shiatsu massage, knocking, and kneading and flapping combo. Here you can prefer any mode.

This  Zero Gravity  massage chair provides heat massage therapy to relieve pain to your back and feel you comfort.

This massage chair provides the massage for the upper body with various options  fixed, partial, and overall massage you can use according to you.

There are five speed options for adjusting for flapping ,shiatsu, and  knocking for easy controlling of speed according to your need.

The best part of this chair is smart saving design for easily fitting. 

This massage chair comes with a foot rolling massage that takes care of your achy feet and sole and gives the relaxation.

It comes with a one year warranty plan and it is useful for home use that gives relaxation over repair and maintenance cost.


  • comfortable and relaxing chair
  • well designed with sturdy and durable build.
  • upper and lower body massager at same time.
  • Easy to use and assemble


  • There are many complaints that this massage chair is not good for older people.

3. Bodyfriend Phantom Massage Chair

This massage chair has low energy consumption. In this chair is a Bluetooth connection option to using smartphone or a computer to control the massage chair.

This massage chair has a 4 D curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented 4 D massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks. 

This technology is a breakthrough,and designed as an L-shaped rail Each part and this massage chair as a whole is manufactured under the strictest production standards.


  • This is good for daily relaxation
  • designed Space-saving 
  • Heating Back Massage Roller
  •  technology-4 D curved rail


  • No significant cons

4.Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner

This massage chair comes with the powerful 3D back and leg massage option.

It provides full body coverage with various massage styling techniques like tapping, kneading, , shiatsu, knocking and air squeeze.

The recliner of the massage chair helps in stretching your entire body and provides relief to your muscles from tiredness.

Bluetooth speaker functions are provided built-in with the massage chair and you can enjoy your favorite music while getting a massage.

The digital panel of this chair is attached to the seat handle using which you can control the speed, intensity of the rollers.

This massage chair comes with a 1 year warranty period.


  • Cheapest massage chair
  • 3d massage chair for legs, back, buttocks and head
  • bluetooth speaker function
  • airbags for full body coverage
  • Doubles up as a recliner
  • various massage style options


  • Nothing; Worth the price

5.JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief

This is the best-rated full body massage chair in India for stress relief.

This massage  chair has  4D technology with soft rollers (L Track) that helps relaxing the back and hip muscles.

It has around  79 air bags and soft rollers for neck, back, shoulders, hands, calves and hips massage along with back heating pads.

its   zero gravity space saving design helps provide a better massage experience.

It provides the 6 different massage styles which include tapping, vibration,kneading, , shiatsu, knock, rubbing and .

The 3D kneading and rubbing on the calf helps in improving the blood circulation in foot soles and calves.

It’s stretching massage option helps in relieving tired muscles and relaxes your entire body in just a few minutes.

This massage chair also has special features like voice recognition, wireless remote, quick access remote and Bluetooth connectivity for music.


  • 4 D Technology with L Track Massage
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Neck to Foot Massager with Back Heating
  • 79 air bags and soft rollers
  • the different 6 massage styling options
  • it has Special X-twist Waist Massage
  • It has Stretching Massage to Relieve Tired Muscles
  • Voice recognition

Best High-end full body massage chair

These were the best massage chairs in India for you.


Massage chairs make you feel comfortable table without wasting time on spa or parlor. Technology made it easy for us that in one place we can get many things at one time. This modern time people are facing many types of problem daily tensions and stress etc where massage chair helps you to get rid all that problem at the home. The various benefits of massage chairs in India will help to find the best massage chair for you.


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