Best Massage Chairs In India: Buyer’s Guide

There are various massage chairs available on the market which confuses you to choose the perfect massaging chair for you. It is a big investment to Purchasing a massage chair so if you are buying massage chairs for your home, spa or parlor do research for it before buying and look first at which type of chair you should use you can consult with a doctor before buying a massage chair. In this post, we have written some buyer’s view about the best massage chairs in India

Know before buying a massage chair


There are many features available in a massage chair so it is confusing for you that which massage chair you should buy. You choose to select which is perfect for your body. If your leg pain tends then you should prefer the massage chair which provides airbags to your leg and. If the same problem with the hips so you should choose the hips and buttocks airbags.

Ensure which body part you have pain or need to massage then choose that featured chair which you have needed. There are many types of massage chairs some give strong massage and light pressure massage.

2. Space

Massage chairs are heavy machines that can not change place again and again. It also takes space in your house so confirm before buying the massage chair that will it fit into the living space or your house? You can use wheels also on massage chairs if you have a big space in your house.

3. Massage Intensity 

Make sure before buying a massage chair that the pressure and intensity are perfect are not.
To know about the intensity of the chair check the motor numbers in a massage chair. Choose the massage chair which has more numbers of motors. Many massage chairs have default options to allow you to change the intensity of the massage to suit your requirement.

4. Budget

Select the massage chair in budget according to your need. Massage chairs usually start from 40,000 to 500k in India. The massage chair comes at different options low and high price. Select the massage chair according to your budget.

Basically, everyone prefers the high price model but the expensive product provides good service. Before you buy you should check and research the right budget chair for the right price.


Are you buying a massage chair for your home so must check its warranty period before buying it because you will be investing a big amount for it. Massage chairs are expensive products therefore they can not be changed again and again. You can save your money to buy a massage chair at home instead of paying in a massage parlor or spa. Any standard massage chair will provide a minimum one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Types of Best Massage Chairs in India

1. Recliner massage chairs

The recliner chair has a backrest that can be tilted back, and often a footrest that may be extended by means of a lever on the side of the chair. It is the only chair that provides an inclination in positioning the body of the user and helps in a relaxing posture. A huge benefit of this reclining chair where you can take the pressure off your joints.

2. Zero gravity massage chairs

This zero gravity massage chair feature has been launched by NASA. Its position reclined is sufficient to raise the legs above the heart level of the user. This type of massage chair helps in reducing stress levels. But it is not always possible that zero gravity massage chairs reach all the lower back portions of the body which is the part of the body where usually gets pain.

Types in Zero gravity massage chairs

Indoor Zero gravity massage chair

outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs

3. Full body massage

Full body massage chairs are useful for the maximum body parts where you usually get pain like your head, neck, legs to all body parts for the relaxation of your body. The use of a full massage chair is better than a rest lot but it may be time-consuming and expensive.

Types in full body massage chair

4. Ottoman massage chairs

Ottoman massage chairs provide separate resting structures for the people who are tall. It is a space-saving massage chair it does not take much place in your home. It can be folded easily and it might be a bit costlier and inconvenient for the other person in the household.


Massage chairs make you feel comfortable table without wasting time on spa or parlor. Technology made it easy for us that in one place we can get many things at one time. This modern time people are facing many types of problem daily tensions and stress etc where massage chair helps you to get rid all that problem at the home. The various benefits of massage chairs in India will help to find the best massage chair for you.

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