Best Honey in India

Best Honey in India

Honey benefits

Honey is the most multifaceted kitchen ingredient that finds its use not just in cooking but in medicinal use also. honey has beneficial enzymes and pollen intact.

 you should choose raw honey that contains loads of nutrition without added sweetness and preservatives. Here we have listed the top Best honey in India.

The raw honey is directly taken from beehives which are considered as best. It has full vitamins and other vital nutrients as it is unheated. Raw honey can crystallize over time.

There are many brands in the Indian market that sells honey in the market.  Although bottled-brand honey may look more appealing and attractive natural honey that really should be consumed.

Honey is used for various types of works like –

Honey uses
  • Cooking
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Weight loss treatments
  • Other health conditions
  • Medicinal use

1. Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Honey

Apis Himalayan honey is beneficial for natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties therefore it can treat different infections.

               The Apis Himalaya honey can be a great option for all those people who are suffering from weight loss problems in their life. when you take this honey with warm water daily then it will reduce the deposited fat from the different parts of your body. And  It will gradually enhance the metabolic rate. Apis Himalayan honey has essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and minerals like- Iron and Calcium which is very healthful for the body.

It gives you optimum energy level, helps in muscle recuperation, And regulates insulin. This Apis honey is a trusted brand and recommended by many players. It is a trusted honey brand that is recommended by several athletes as it provides optimum energy level, regulates the level of insulin in the body, and helps in muscle recuperation. This is the 1st product from Apis in our list of Best Honey in India.


Indigenous Honey

Indigenous honey provides you 100% purity and natural honey. Small honey bees are kept in the apiary. Honey bees produce the honey through flowers in Apiary. Indigenous honey provides chemical-free honey. It is totally natural and comes without adding any ingredients. The source of indigenous honey is to keep bees around natural flowers. There is no use of chemicals in Honey. This is the 2nd product from INDIGENOUS in our list of Best Honey in India.

3. zandu pure honey

Zandu Honey

Zandu pure honey is pure and uses for medicinal use. This is helpful for weight loss and food digestion. It Improves immunity in our body and maintains your contains various essential minerals. This pure honey works in place of sugar and contains beneficial minerals. It has a different taste, thickness, and color. It has got a nice flavor to experience. we use honey as medicine and also can eat with bread and milkshake. Zandu company or brand is known as one of the purest honey providers. As directed by the manufacturer one can consume the honey directly or in tea and coffee in place of sugar. This is the 3rd product from Zandu in our list of Best Honey in India.

4.Dabur Honey

Dabur honey

Dabur is a famous product of honey. The company Dabur India limited is known as one of the best FMCG companies in the country. Dabur honey is the most sellable honey in India. Taking a few spoons of Dabur honey helps in weight loss. Honey is also used in throat infections, cough, and cold. Dabur honey is beneficial for the digestive system. It can also be a good product for skincare. Uses of honey give you fair and glowing skin. It can help to prevent COVID-19 these days. This is the 4th product from Dabur in our list of Best Honey in India.

Benefits of honey

5.Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey

Patanjali honey is unprocessed and natural honey. But there are some issues of deposition of honey at the bottom of bottles. Patanjali has cleared that when the season changes honey tends to change its composition.  Patanjali has stood up the Ayurveda on a different level. There are many people who recommended the purity of the Patanjali brand. This is the 5th product from Patanjali in our list of Best Honey in India.

Benefits of Honey

benefits of honey

Inproves immune system

Raw honey contains antibacterial and antiviral values that improve your immune system. A healthy immune system makes you stay fit.

 Helps in weight lose

Taking honey in the morning with warm water and lemon is beneficial for health. Honey improves your digestive system and also improve the metabolic process.

Beneficial for skin and hair

Honey is very useful for hair and skin. The skin-related problem like dryness and acne removes to use it. For hair you can use a honey and yogurt pack, it will make your hair smooth, silky, and manageable.

 Brain health

Honey helps to keeps our brain working well. The antioxidants of honey boost brain health. In order to aging process our brain tent to forget thing sooner. To keep your brain strong you can take honey.

Removes allergies and infections

honey is the natural medicine for all these infections and allergies like throat infections, Sinus, reactions, colds.

Now, proponents of all honey tout its miraculous healing properties, promising that it may prevent cancer and heart disease, decrease ulcers, ease digestive problems, regulate blood sugar, soothe coughs and sore throats, and increase athletic performance.


Honey is an Indian natural medicine that is produced by bees. Honey is an effective medicine for some diseases. We have discussed the Best Honey in India which is selected by many kinds of research and recommendations.

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