Here mentioned the best glucometer in India. Therefore, you may choose the best suitable as per your need and manage your blood sugar levels. The Glucometer is a hand-held portable device used to measure the glucose level in the blood. When you consume a lot of sugary substances, your blood glucose level increases and leads to a condition called Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes high blood sugar. This disease affects 400 million adults every year around the globe. 

The Glucometer is a very useful device for people with diabetes as it helps them to manage their condition. It requires only a single drop of blood to check the blood glucose level. It is really small in size and is easily portable to be taken anytime, anywhere. 

Controlling and continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels is a must in order to manage diabetes. This helps in planning your day accordingly and leading an overall healthy life.

With the advancement of technology, such devices as Glucometers make it easy and convenient for you to easily manage your diabetes. 

These electronic devices give you instant feedback with which you can know your blood sugar level immediately. Glucometers have reformed diabetes management, as you can easily monitor blood sugar levels at home with a simple finger-prick. 

The process of using a glucometer is very simple as you need to prick your finger and apply the drop of blood to a test strip that is inserted into the device. You may know your blood sugar level by checking the numerical reading. 

Use of Glucometer

The various uses of Glucometer are:

  • Using a glucometer frequently can help you check whether your blood sugar level is controlled or is it high or low.
  • It helps you to monitor the patterns when you have a spike or crash in glucose level.
  • It also enables you to recognize the effects of medications and other therapies that you take to manage diabetes.
  • By using Glucometer frequently, you can see the response of your blood glucose levels during stress or worry and also after exercise.
  • You can evaluate and assess how well your treatment is going on by regularly monitoring the condition of how well you’re meeting specific treatment goals.
  • Moreover, using Glucometer cuts off the cost of visiting labs or medical centers to get your blood glucose level checked. You won’t need to wait for the results. Therefore, using a glucometer makes the process of diabetes management simple and easy for you.

Best Glucometer in India

Before buying a glucometer to monitor your blood sugar levels, you must consider a few essential things. Below we have mentioned the best glucometer in India:

1. Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Accu Chek Active Glucometer
Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Accu Chek Active Glucometer is one of the best glucometer in India. This machine has several benefits. The size is very compact, and the results are speedy. You experience painless testing with Accu Chek Softclix lancet. It has features like Pre & Post-meal markers, which remind you to check your blood sugar level timely. The inbuilt memory is huge, comprising 500 test results. 

You can share the details with your doctor by connecting a USB cable to your computer. It also has an automatic on/off function that saves the battery life. You need to use the Glucometer for the long term. After your initial purchase, you would need more matching test strips regularly. The test strips of Accu Chek Active Glucometer are available at affordable prices.

Key features:

  • High-quality brand
  • Easy to handle due to compact size
  • Economical strip cost
  • More user-friendly
  • Feature of Pre & Post-meal markers
  • Huge inbuilt memory

All the above-mentioned features make Accu Chek Active Glucometer top the list of the best Glucometer in India.

2. One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer

One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer
One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer

If you are looking for the best Glucometer in India, One-Touch Select Glucometer tops the list. This can be used for tracking the blood sugar levels effectively, giving the best result on time. Moreover, it can be used from the comfort of your home with much ease.

This device has a feature of a visual and audio alert system that will let you know the blood glucose level. There are two indicators on the front side of the meter: one is blue, and the other is red. 

The blue indicator shows the low sugar levels while the red indicator tells that the situation is worse. You need to consult a doctor in case of the red indicator. This device uses a lithium cell battery to operate and lasts longer. It will also notify when the battery is low. 

The process of testing is very simple as you just need to insert the strip into the meter and place the blood sample. Therefore, this device is loaded with all the features that fulfill all the requirements of the users. 

Key features:     

  • Long Battery life
  • Easy to hold
  • Sterile lancets
  • Lancing device
  • One-touch Glucometer

3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Machine

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Machine
Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Machine

Morepen Glucometer makes up in the list of best Glucometer in India. It has wonderful features and functionalities, which enables you to record the appropriate values of blood sugar levels. Its ergonomic design, style, and structure appeal to most of the customers.

This device includes a battery, ten lancets, a plastic case, lancing dice, and a BG-03 glucometer. It comes with 25 test strips and an LCD display. It is available at reasonable prices and helps to track your blood sugar levels accurately. 

You must have a 0.5μl blood sample for the device to operate smoothly. It’s got a great beeper warning system that lets you know when your blood sugar is down. And when the test is complete, it warns you.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Machine is the best option for you if you are looking for a glucometer with more number of test strips. This device comes with 50 test strips that require just a small blood sample to check your blood sugar levels. Moreover, it has inbuilt memory that can memorize up to 30 results. 

Key features

  • Requires 0.5µl blood 
  • Comes with 25 test strips
  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Lifetime warranty services
  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Accurate results
  • Beeper alert mechanism

4. Dr. TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer
TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Another one of the Best Gloucomere in India IS Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Gold Standard Blood Glucose Monitoring System With 10 Strips is a smart glucose (Blood Sugar Testing) monitor that helps you measure blood glucose levels, quickly, accurately, and comfortably.

It requires only a small blood sample (0.5µL), which makes testing less painful. Its LCD Comes with a backlight display which is easy to read at night. PRODUCT OF NURECA INC USA WITH WARRANTY IN INDIA.

Key Features

  • It avoids interference from blood oxygen variations, also prevents galactose and maltose interference in blood samples
  • It gives an early warning if your ketones are rising or are out of balance in your blood, it will reduce the incidence of diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Reminder alarm function: also it allows the user to set an alarm as a reminder for taking the measurements



The Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is great for home use especially when you are taking readings yourself. It is designed for accuracy and stores 60 blood pressure readings for two users. It helps you to lead your life without any kind of compromise.

Key Features

  • Made with German Technology
  • Fully automatic
  • Two user memories for 60 measured values each(2×60)
  • With cuff for upper arm circumferences from 22-36 cm
  • Clear, easy-to-read display


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