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Are you looking to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, posture, or stamina?  so exercise ball is absolutely essential for exercising.

These days everyone wants to be healthy, fit and wants a perfect body shape. Everyone is joining a gym for their fitness and doing workouts to be healthier. They do many exercises for enhancing muscles. Gym equipment is so expensive so you can use the exercise ball instead of the expensive gym equipment. There are many different exercises like yoga, Muscles enhancement, stability, and pilates that can be done with an exercise ball. Children and elder people both can use these balls. Including the exercise ball in your daily routine is one of the best ways for your fitness. It comes in various sizes and weights

1.Strauss ball

strauss exercise ball

This is a high-quality anti-burst exercise yoga ball that can be used for working out at home and in a gym. Exercise balls improve your body balance with yoga exercises. This Strauss ball can support up to 135 kg. Its use is very easy and safe. This can also be used with yoga mats for more comfort.


  • Strauss gym ball comes with anti-burst explosion-Proof Technology, When the ball is pierced by a sharp object, it will slowly deflate and will not explode.
  • It is perfectly non-slip and allows you to focus on the exercise itself.
  • Helps develop overall body muscle, balance, and coordination
  • It helps to develop body muscles and improves body balance.


  • It is a long-lasting product.
  • Improves stability and attention
  • It can be used for multiple exercises.
  • It comes with a foot pump and is easy to inflate.
  • children or older ones can use This ball. 


  • it will not burst, it might leak.

2. MARSRTH Microfibre Fitness Ball with Air Pump, Size 75cm, (Blue)

Fitness exercise ball

 This exercise ball comes with non-toxic material, free of BPA and heavy metals. It improves stability and saves time and energy with the quick inflation foot pump. This microfibre fitness ball is great for pilates, yoga, abdominal training, back pregnancy gymnastics, or the many impact exercises.


  • It easily inflates with a foot pump.
  • Non toxic PVC material quality.
  • Easy to hold without slipping while bouncing or tossing.
  • Size: 75 cm

3. HEMJEX 65 cm Exercise Gym Ball with Pump Exercise Equipment ( Random Colour )

 Exercise Ball

An exercise ball improves your body balance and maintains the posture of your body. It has bearing-up features that make your training more casual. It helps in developing body muscles balance and coordination. This yoga ball is ideal for your various workouts.


  • Perfect for providing great stability and balance.
  • Make your body more slim symmetry.
  • Size: diameter 65 cms with multiple colors.

4. LAFILLETTE Anti Burst Gym Ball Grey Colour

Anti Burst Gym exercise Ball

This exercise ball is made up of thick and durable PVC material. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It has an anti-burst design in superior PVC material that ensures safety. This lafillette anti-burst gym ball is a high-quality material, which provides slip resistance. This is useful for Yoga, pilates, back and abdominal training. It can also be used for office  chairs


  • This ball is made with thick and durable PVC material.
  • Used rubber material
  • Size   : 60 cm
  • It can adjust the large balance 


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Easy to carry
  • Promotes strength, stability, and agility.
  • Children and elder one can use it.
  • It can also be used in the office.

5. Thera-Band Standard Exercise Ball,65 cm Diameter

Standard Exercise Ball

TheraBand Standard Exercise Balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen muscles to improve posture and help prevent back pain. Each exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along with the TheraBand Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises. *Ball size indications reflect inflation.

This Theraband standard exercise ball are inflatable balls which are used to strengthen muscles. Using an exercise ball you can improve your body posture and also prevent back pain. This exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter.


  • It comes with 65cm diameter (26″) and it is designed for individuals from 5’7″ – 6’1″ tall.
  • Useful for abdominals exercise, muscles, back, glutes, hips, and flexibility.
  • It comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor, and 24 exercise guide posters.


  • Beneficial for strengthening muscles, stability, and improving postures.
  • Help in preventing back and spine pain.
  • Easy to clean and carry
  • You can use it while working at home or in an office.


  • It releases a strange chemical smell.


Exercise ball comes in many sizes. It helps to maintain our body shapes and we can exercise with these balls. Everyone can use it for exercising but remember that you use it properly and carefully. It makes you fit and healthy.

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