Best Air Purifier in India

An air cleaner or an air purifier is a device which is used to improve indoor air quality by removing the contaminants from the air in a room. This device is beneficial to asthmatics and allergy sufferers and helps at reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke. Manufacturing of commercially graded air purifiers are either done in small stand-alone units or large units which are affixed to an HVAC unit or an air handler unit AHU found in the industrial medical and commercial industries. An air purifier helps to remove impurities from the air before processing in the industry.

The basic difference between air purifier air cleaner and air filter

 Air purifiers are often conflated with air filters, but they differ slightly as Air filters trap and collect dirt and debris in a filter and they can significantly reduce the number of pollutants, allergens, and dust in your home and are commonly found in heating and ventilation systems.

Which air purifier should you choose to buy?

There are plenty of companies that manufacture air purifiers. Out of them, it is very difficult to find out which air purifier is perfect aur gives excellent service and helps to purify the air with greater efficiency. So the best way to decide which air purifier you should be buying is that you need to examine which air purifier can purify the amount of air with advanced Hepa filter 99% efficiency and CADR of the device. These factors should be kept in mind while buying an air purifier to notice a difference in the air you breathe in your home. 

Best air purifier in India

Most of the metropolitan cities in India and highly polluted and listed among the most polluted cities in the world people living in cities face problems of breathing especially the houses which are near the industries. To avoid such health issues one must install the best purifier. Here is the list of the best air purifiers that you can install at your house-     

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier in India

The best air purifier for you is Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi enables air purifiers if you wish to eliminate pollutants as small as PM 0.1. Air Multiplier technology is used by the air purifier to circulate and project purified air throughout the room. Most of the air purifiers in the market have a high face velocity as a crucial aspect of air purification is in the face velocity through which the air is forced into the filters which result in ultrafine pollutants circulating back into the room as small as PM 0.1.

Packed with features like IoT connectivity, cool rear projection scheduling oscillation auto mode, and many more make the device a really convenient one. The device may have a price too steep but the customers who want to spend the amount to get the air purifier that not only works well but also looks good should buy this air purifier. It is the 1st product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • Power Consumption – 40W
  • Coverage Area – 600 sq.ft
  • Coverage Area – 600 sq.ft
  • Noise Level – NA
  • Air Flow Rate– NA
  • Filter Type – 360° Glass HEPA
  • Ionizer– NA
  • Dimensions– 20.5 x 24.8 x 76.4


IQair Purifier Best Air Purifier in India

The IQ Air HealthPro 250 is a powerful air purifier that delivers on its claims and regardless of how much it costs, it caters to a niche category of users that want better air quality in their homes.

For those who suffer from breathing problems, this is one of the best options to choose which comes equipped with an F8 PreMax Filter, the V5-Cell MG filter that consists of the activated carbon filter, and a hospital-grade class H12/13 HEPA filter. One can also conduct the air purifier for better performance and can cover an area of up to 800 sq ft one can also duct the air purifier for better performance.

It is the 2nd product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • Power Consumption – 6-38W
  • Coverage Area – 430sq.ft/ 40 sq m
  • Noise Level – 23-53 db
  • Air Flow Rate- 315 cubic m/ hr
  • Filter Type – HEPA
  • Dimensions- 380 x 380 x 320 mm

3. MI Air Purifier 3

MI Air Purifier 3

Xiaomi has upgraded one of its most popular products with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 which comes packed with an OLED display to show you all the important air quality metrics like PM 2.5 levels. With the powerful motor pulling in impure air.

This air purifier features a 360-degree air intake design through which Xiaomi calls a true HEPA filter and expelling it out top for preventing the air bubble effect. Not only this, the Mi Air Purifier 3 works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. It is the 3rd product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • Power Consumption – 38w
  • Coverage Area – 484 ft2
  • Noise Level – 64 dB
  • Air Flow Rate- NA
  • Filter Type –  Pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon
  • Ionizer- NA
  • Dimensions- 24 x 52 x 24 mm

4. Blue Air Classic Air Purifier

Blueair Air Purifier

Whenever it detects a drop in the air quality of the room, the unique feature in the ‘i’ models is the presence of an air quality sensor that speeds up the fans automatically and This device is Meant for room sizes of 280 sq. ft, Apart from that,  the device has a smart panel on top to display and has Wi-Fi connectivity the Classic 280 I purifies the air using their patented HEPA Silent technology and, filter status, fan speed status.

And the air quality of the room including VOC levels and PM 2.5. without touching the purifier The Blueair Friend app will let you control all the modes remotely but it needs some work. You can also accordingly set the fan speed and monitor the air quality of your room in real-time.Specification.It is the 4th product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • . Power Consumption – 20- 80 W
  • Coverage Area – 279 sq ft
  • Noise Level – 32 – 56 DB
  • Air Flow Rate- 200 cfm
  • Filter Type – room
  • Ionizer- NA
  • Dimensions- 530 x 440 x 210 mm

5. Philips series 3000 Air Purifier

Philips Air Purifier

With a humidifying feature, The Series 3000 AC3821 air purifier by Philips features a digital display to show you the current PM2.5 levels in the air and it is helpful in increasing the humidity in the air by up to 60 percent for alleviating symptoms brought on due to allergies. The device has a CADR of 310 cubic meters per hour and can cover an area of up to 80 sq. m and has a humidification rate of 600ml/h. It is the 5th product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • . Power Consumption – 45 W
  • Coverage Area – 860 sq ft
  • Noise Level – NA
  • Air Flow Rate- 310 cubic m/h
  • Filter Type – humidifier and air purifier
  • Ionizer- NA
  • Dimensions- 20 x 35 x 30 mm

6. Samsung AX5000 Air Purifier 

Samsung Air Purifier

It is capable of delivering clean air in just about 45 minutes of run time. We reviewed the Samsung AX5500 and found that It does lack IoT/app compatibility, but there are other elements of it that are quite convenient and with a filter life of over 8000 hours It has a combined activated carbon filter with a HEPA filter.

If you have no problem with missing IoT features and want to buy a high-performance air purifier then the Samsung AX5500 is a worthy consideration. It is the 6th product of the Best air purifier in India in this list.


  • Power Consumption – 80 W
  • Coverage Area – 93.1 sq ft
  • Noise Level – 45 dB
  • Air Flow Rate- 773 cubic m/h
  • Filter Type – HEPA filter
  • Ionizer- NA
  • Dimensions- 360 x 1054 x 284

Does an air purifier prevent coronavirus?

The air purifier does not prevent the spread of coronavirus as Although coronavirus is primarily spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects person-to-person contact, many of the scientists have asked the World Health Organization and other groups to acknowledge the spread of the virus through the air but Still, it is important to understand that simply filtering airborne particles wouldn’t help stop the spread of the virus, given the small size of coronavirus particles.

Even if these microbes make it into the purifier, they may elude filtration The average size of a coronavirus particle is less than the 0.3 micron limit for HEPA filter.

Ultimately the decision to purchase a sanitizing air purifier is a personal decision and The data so far suggests that it is unlikely that air purifiers will help with coronaviruses. The main work of an air purifier is to purify the air from impurities.

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