Recumbent exercise bikes are used for building fitness and leg endurance.It gives more comfort than an upright and also has increased stability. In order to find the 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021 you have to arm yourself by knowing all the ins and outs of what these bikes can and should offer. Experienced riders often disparage the benefits of a recumbent bike, but they can still provide an intense workout for all fitness levels.

To do this, you could spend hours online reading about and comparing dozens of bikes until one of two things happens:

1) Either your brain breaks and you fall gently into a catatonic state; or

2) They all start to sound the same, and for the sake of your sanity, you decide to purchase the next bike on the list, regardless of what it is.

Both of these options sound pretty awful to me, although I will admit option 2 is pretty mild compared to the first one.

Luckily, you found your way here. I’m going to save you a lot of trouble and heartache because I have found the best recumbent exercise bike available for 2020.

Before we get to the bikes though, you might be wondering about the advantages of a recumbent cycle. Why would you buy a recumbent instead of an upright? And are there any reasons you shouldn’t buy one

Benefits of best recumbent exercise Bike

A recumbent bike that places less strain on the lower back. It is the best benefit of the best recumbent exercise bike. Upright bikes tend to promote a hunched posture, which can lead to lower back pain or aggravation. On a recumbent, the upper body is in a more relaxed position.

This is also more comfortable. In recumbent bike have a large seat with backrest, many people enjoy more than a standard bike saddle. The reclined position also removes the temptation to stand on pedals and they are generally more stable.

The​re are some downsides though. The body position on a recumbent bike doesn’t build the same muscles as an outdoor bike. But if you want to exercise for “real” cycling, a recumbent may not the best option. The relaxed upper body also means a recumbent bike doesn’t build abdominal or upper body strength.

1.V-Fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Bike

V-Fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Bike
V-Fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Bike

These provide tools that put the equipment together. It doesn’t provide a lot of other home gym equipment pieces. This may sound like not a big deal but it does make life easier.

Some of the other recumbent bikes on the market can cost an absolute fortune therefore if you want a recumbent bike then it can leave you with a large dent in your bank balance. However this model is considerably cheaper and does exactly what is meant for. It is perfect for someone who is looking to keep fit or anyone who needs to do some rehab.

One potential problem I have heard about this product is that some people found it took a long time to assemble. However, I do think that this is just one of those things as I managed to put it together in no time at all and some others seemed to cope just fine.


  • 6 kg flywheel electromagnet system
  • 8 level adjustable resistance
  • 7 function display, calories, distance, hand pulse, scan, speed, time, and distance.
  • Heart Rate Sensors
  • Max user weight 110 kg

2. HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT-800

HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT-800
HCI Fitness PhysioCycle XT-800

It is one of the favorite recumbent bikes – the PhysioCycle XT-800 from HCI Fitness.. Most notably, this unit features pedals for both your legs and arms, which adds an upper-body element to your training sessions.

This higher-end home bike features a robust frame with a 300lb weight capacity to cater for heavier users, while a 15-position adjustable breathable padded seat allows you to find your perfect fit. There are mesh backrest, adjustable pedals, and fixed handles on the sides, should you want to focus solely on your legs.

It has bidirectional cycling and magnetic resistance. In action, the Physio Cycle XT-800 is smooth and quiet.. Resistance levels are controlled via push buttons with information displayed on the bright – albeit a little basic – backlit LCD screen. This is the 2nd bike in our list of 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021


  • Features both leg and arm pedals for a total body cardio workout
  • Comfortable breathable seat and backrest with 15 positions
  • Equipped with a clear backlit LCD screen
  • Sturdy bike with 300lb weight capacity


  • LCD screen feels a little basic for the price

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3 .Marcy ME¬709

Marcy ME¬709
Marcy ME¬709

It provides the best workout at a low price. It is the option for strong performance. Thanks to the step-through frame, this bike is also a bit smaller than some competing models – if you’re unsure whether you can find space for a bike in your house, you should check this model out.

It provides eight levels of magnetic resistance to users through a dial beneath the central console. The frame is made from powder-coated 14-gauge steel, which keeps the bike sturdy despite the smaller footprint overall.

Finally, you’ll also find a couple of extra touches, like an LCD console display, a padded seat, and weighted pedals. They’re not make-or-break components, but collectively they make this bike really feel good worth for the price.It is one of the best recumbent exercise bike. This is the 3rd bike in our list of 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021


  • Streamlined step-through frame
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • 14-gauge steel powder-coated frame
  • Includes a simple LCD display


  • The seat distance is difficult to adjust
  • Can be quite loud during exercise

4. Schwinn 270

Schwinn 270
Schwinn 270

Subsequent to this list, the Schwinn 270 covers all of the efficiency requirements required for anybody in search of a low-impact exercise, with a few unusual amenities for the price range. If you’re in the market for a recumbent bike and don’t want to spend too much money, this could be a great option for you.

With 25 levels of magnetic resistance, the 270 has greater than sufficient energy to maintain seasoned bikers engaged. The extra levels also make this a great fit for users who are recovering from an injury – as you gradually improve, you can increase the resistance bit by bit.

The 29 built-in workout programs are a major plus for inexperienced users; they make it easy to progress even if you’re not confident about planning out rides on your own. This is the 4th bike in our list of 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021


  • Very versatile with 25 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 29 built-in workout programs – great for new users
  • LCD displays with built-in USB port
  • Affordable price for most buyers


  • The seat isn’t particularly comfortable
  • The bike can be loud while pedaling

5.XS Sports


  • 4 kg two-way magnetic flywheel (pedal forwards and backward)
  • LCD display tracks: speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse
  • Built-in heart rate sensors
  • Max user weight – 110 Kg
  • Product weight – 28 Kg

We’ve got reviewed various XS sports activities products and I’ve always been delighted with the standard of exercise you get at such a reasonably priced price.

This model makes use of magnetic resistance that allows you to simply select between the Eight completely different ranges of resistance utilizing the knob beneath the display The added benefit to make sure that the bike is as quiet as possible when you are utilizing it.

The display is primary but clear and gives you all the information you want such as speed, distance, energy, time, and pulse. There is only one button on the unit and you keep pushing it to cycle through the different metrics.

The heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars beside the seat and are easy to hold onto while you are exercising. The readings I got seemed to be accurate even though I never normally trust them entirely, but it gives you a rough idea of how hard you are working on the bike.

That is the most affordable model in our top 5 which will make it interesting to beginners that don’t have the confidence to purchase models such because the DKN or Kettler. It offers fantastic value for money and will no doubt give you great workouts for years to come. This is the 5th bike in our list of 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021

6.Sole Fitness R92

Sole Fitness R92
Sole Fitness R92

The Sole R92 is next on our list thanks to its stellar performance and snazzy extras, without the hefty price tag. It’s built to help users of all sizes and experience levels get a great workout, with top-level performance specs and some thoughtful extra touches.

The 20 levels of magnetic resistance provide loads of challenges, irrespective of your expertise stage. Combined with the 20lb flywheel, this is one of the highlights of the R92 – it’s light enough to feel comfortable for beginners, but the upper levels will challenge advanced users as well.

Beyond the core features, the R92 also includes a large 9” backlit LCD screen which displays statistics and manages the bike’s built-in exercise programs. Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers and an onboard USB port offer extra functionality. This is the 6th bike in our list of 10 best recumbent exercise bike in 2021


  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance will suit many users
  • 20lb flywheel for a smooth ride
  • 9” backlit LCD screen and built-in speakers
  • Sturdy and durable frame


  • Slightly more expensive than many other recumbent bikes

7.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 PowerSync

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 PowerSync
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 PowerSync

The reliable SF-RB4880 PowerSync from Sunny Well being & Health is a self-powered recumbent bike with a lot to supply the midrange shopper.

With a weight capability of 300lbs, it’s a top-quality bike, providing customers a smooth, quiet, and secure trip. It’s easy to adapt the bike to fit your body size and fitness ability, with an adjustable seat and adjustable non-slip pedals, as well as 24 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance.

Speaking about computer systems, the Power Sync contains a first-rate color monitor, offering a glimpse at your exercise information – from exercise time to distance to heart price. The latter is monitored via pulse grips in the side handles. Throw in a media shelf, built-in speakers, and a charging port for your device, and you have a quality bike that shows off good value.


  • Plenty of versatility with 24 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Step through design and adjustable seat for easier access
  • Workout data delivered via a bright color monitor
  • Features built-in speakers and media-charging station


Can be tricky and time-consuming to put together

8.Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

8.Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike
8.Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

This intriguing bike from Stamina is a streamlined machine that prioritizes total-body performance over frills and extras. While it contains eight levels of quiet magnetic resistance, its important function is the pair of hand pedals.

These two cranks, mounted on either side of the console, allow you to work out your upper body at the same time as your legs. If you’re struggling to fit time to exercise into your daily routine, these cranks can be a lifesaver!

With eight ranges of stress, this bike fits beginners and intermediate customers properly. It may not offer enough resistance to keep advanced athletes challenged, but most other users should do fine. No matter what level you use, the LCD screen can track your speed and performance statistics.It is also a best recumbent exercise bike.


  • The streamlined design suits beginners well
  • Eight levels of resistance provide light to medium tension
  • Hand pedals help you get in a full-body workout
  • The frame is very durable


  • Lack of amenities may dissuade some users.
  • Lighter resistance won’t challenge experienced users.

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